What is online giving?

Online giving is an easy, safe, secure way to make your contributions to support the ministries of Trinity Church. Using our secure website with SimpleGive, you can make a transfer from your bank account directly to Trinity. You can even automate your giving by setting up a recurring gift each week or each month that is transferred automatically.

Benefits of online giving

  1. You honor God - By faithfully supporting Trinity Church you are honoring God with your finances.

  2. You simplify your life - You won't have to try to remember whether you gave this month. You won't need to mail in an offering when you're away on a trip.

  3. You help the church - Every person who gives online makes our record keeping much easier.

  4. You build faithfulness - When you automate your giving online you are building faithfulness into your stewardship of what God has given to you.

  5. You can focus on worship - Instead of having to find a pen and fill out a check and an envelope during the service, you can focus entirely on worship Sunday morning.

"SimpleGive has been a great help to me and my husband. We lead busy lives - often traveling out of state to visit our children and grandchildren, so that many weekends we can't make it to church. Our hurried life was making it difficult to stay on track with our tithing. SimpleGive has removed the stress of having to remember to write a check each week. It automatically deducts from our checking account whether we're in church or not!!!" Trinity Church Member

How to get started

  • When you click on the GIVE link above, it will take you to the Trinity Church sign-up page with SimpleGive.
  • Fill out the Personal Information (name, address, etc.). Be sure to include your envelope number if you know it. We encourage you to create an account which will enable you to set up recurring gifts and to view your online giving history.
  • On the “Budget” line - select “General Fund” to support the general operating budget of Trinity, which includes all the Ministries, Missions, Staff, and Operating expenses of the church. You can also select “Benevolent Fund” or “Trinity CARES Fund.”
  • On the “Notes” line you can add any notation to your gift.
  • Fill in your bank account information. Enter your Bank Routing Number (the first 9-digit number at the bottom left of your check) and your Bank Account Number (the next 9 or 10 digit number at the bottom of your check).
  • You will receive a confirmation email almost immediately.

Online Giving FAQ

Many people do almost all their banking online and have asked us to make this option available.
We are using a professional financial service (SimpleGive) to process these transactions to make sure that they are secure. This is the same type of financial service that handles your credit card transactions when you go to the grocery store or make a purchase online.
On the sign up page, if you select a recurring gift, you can specify how often you want your contribution to occur (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, etc.) and what date you want it to begin.
Currently you can contribute to the Trinity Church “General Fund” to support the general operating budget of Trinity, which includes all the Ministries, Missions, Staff, and Operating expenses of the church. You can also select “Benevolent Fund” or “Trinity CARES Fund.” We may make other options available online in the future.
You can review your online giving at anytime if you create an account. Just click the “Login” at the top right of the Trinity sign up page and then enter your email address and password. Only contributions you made online will be available.
You can change or cancel your contributions at any time prior to the date that they are scheduled. You can review your upcoming contributions by logging into your account online. Then you can schedule a new contribution or change an existing contribution.
After each contribution occurs you will receive an email thanking you for your gift to Trinity Church.
If you don't have an envelope number or can't find it, the church office will add that information to your profile after you register. All your online contributions will be added to your end-of-year statement.
Contact Amy Shek, Office Manager at Trinity Church, at amyshek@trinityefc.com