Trinity CARES International

About Trinity CARES

Trinity CARES* International was founded (2010) to facilitate Trinity’s church-to-church international partnership by organizing and executing prioritized projects relating to the development of Mt. Zion Church and its community in Consuelo, Dominican Republic.

*CARES = Compassion, Aid, Resources, Expertise, Service.

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For more information about Trinity CARES International, email Chris Kiley.

Our Mission

Our vision is to act in Christ's name to make a difference in the Consuelo community through 5 specific strategies:

  1. Sponsor children at risk within the community
  2. Build needed infrastructure (clean water, health clinic, school)
  3. Create economic self-sufficiency (micro-loans, etc.)
  4. Develop disciples of Jesus Christ (work closely with a local church)
  5. Experience partnership through personal visits and communication

Our Logo

The logo represents a person being surrounded with care and raising their hands to give thanks to God, our provider.

2019 Missions Team

2019 Missions Team

Where:  Mt. Zion Church, Consuelo, Dominican Republic

When:  June 22 – June 29, 2019

Teams:  Medical, Construction, Baseball, Music